With this smooth and sweet smelling balm you will enjoy the diaper changes.

Full of richest organic butters and baby friendly essential oils, no diaper rash stands a chance against it!

A tiny dab and you are all set. Both you and the baby.

We steal from our baby stash ALL THE TIME.

2oz/60gr aluminum screw-top container.

Calmy Balmy Baby Butter

  • Safe for cloth diapers, but protective of cloth-diaper wetness. Of course, you can use it with regular diapers, with no diapers at all, and for heavenly results on adult skin (décolletage anyone?), though not for keyboard typing finger tips. While we do steal from the baby, don't try it at home if you are prone to double dipping. Organic butters (Shea, coconut, mango) are moisturizing, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching and with their best ingredients INTACT, because this whipped butter is NEVER HEATED or melted, just whipped for over 45 minutes! Organic olive oil serves to deliver all the goodness of butters deep into the skin, and packs its own anti-oxidant punch delivering high quantity of squalane. The precious Hazelnut oil is indicated by newest research for use in baby formula! Here it is not ingested, but its emollient, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (it is also rich in oleic acid, vitamin E & polyphenols) enrich the formula even further. If your child has hazelnut allergies, let us know and we'll use grape seed oil instead! Essential oils are safe for baby skin and sufficiently diluted, but still there to provide additional benefits (and a layered fragrance counterpart to the coconut oil). These are precious and expensive oils including calendula and rose otto, scents kids love like tangerine and sweet orange (my personal favorite), and others that do the work of keeping the skin in tip top shape. This is an amazing formula. This listing is for a 1 oz reusable screw top metal tin. This product is temperature sensitive and is best shipped in cooler weather. PLEASE NOTE: This product can melt in hot weather and loose its fluffy consistency. It will not affect its performance, but it will definitely change its texture. If you think that melting will occur (such as the package staying out in your mailbox all day), consider stocking up on this and other whipped butters during the cooler months (September-May)

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