No, this is not a trick, nor an oxymoron.

We've tested it, incorporating latest research, and are pleased to present a natural solution for heavy perspiration. There is no aluminum or other heavy metals present in this formula. The specific blend of essential oils works to gradually and naturally reduce sweating in most individuals.

Our deodorants and antiperspirants are made with organic coconut oil for its antibacterial and anti fungal properties, organic butters that nourish and moisturize underarms, and arrowroot powder that absorbs moisture and draws toxins out of your skin. We don't use corn starch, which, while absorbing sweat, also feeds the underarm bacteria!

Most of our essential oils are also organic and we use a complex blend of 13 base essential oils to keep you clean, healthy, and smelling great!

There are two types of antiperspirant offered, regular and sensitive (without baking soda).Sensitive skin formula (with no baking soda) is all organic! If you have previously determined sensitivity to baking soda, order the sensitive formula. If you are using the normal formula and develop underarm irritation, itchiness or redness, you are likely sensitive to baking soda and should switch from the normal to the sensitive formula. You can test yourself for SENSITIVITY to baking soda by applying a wet paste made with water and baking soda to your underarms. The degree of sensitivity varies from person to person.

Please note: This formula contains Sage and Clary Sage essential oils, not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. If pregnant, please use bodyBrana itWorks! Natural Deodorant instead.

Natural Antiperspirant (Net Wt 3 oz/90 gram)

ItWorks! Natural Anti-perspirant

  • FIR FOREST: The top note of Douglas Fir (smells like a Christmas Tree!!) in a blend that includes warm and classy sandalwood, spicy cedar wood and lemon, and undertones of patchouli and coconut. This scent combination lasts the longest and is our original formulation. Suitable for men and women.  LEMON VERBENA: The most refreshing and sophisticated single note aroma. Since Lemon Verbena can be sun sensitizing and we don't use it in creams and lotions, this is a great way to enjoy its benefits and aroma. MEN'S CLASSIC: Based on the most popular men's cologne ingredients like petitgrain, rosemary, atlas cedar, calendula, and rock rose. It does not smell like petitgrain, but like a complex blend that it is. Its wonderful green scent is equally ejoyed by women! MYSTIC MANDARIN: Like Lemon Vebena, it a citrus blend, but with more punch and spice. It does not smell like Tangarines (mandarines): it is a blend of Neroli, Bergamot and May Chang as the top note. Really stimulating and suitable for men and women. May Chang has additional benefits of strong anti-microbial and cooling properties. ROSE GERANIUM: A beautiful blend that harnesses all the best of Geranium, without the excessive and heady floral overtones. It is revitalizing (particularly to women), detoxifying, and regenerative. It's astringent properties are also useful in the deodorant blend, as is its effect on Candida. A strong blend for serious odor protection. WARM SPICE: A wonderful blend of cinnamon,clove, orange and other warm aromas that remind you of fall harvest or winter holidays (or a holiday pie fresh out of the oven!).