This is a completely natural deodorant that works with nature's ruthless efficacy. 

No synthetics, heavy metals like aluminum to clog your pores, not even propylene glycol which is sensitizing to many, especially eczema sufferers. Only organic and natural ingredients. Unlike other natural deodorants, this one does not contain corn starch, hydrogenated oils, or synthetic fragrance oils!

Available in normal and sensitive formula and numerous scents from essential oils and natural aroma of cocoa butter and coconut oil.

HOW TO USE: Store at room temperature at or below below 75F, due to the melting point of organic raw coconut oil. Untwist the tube slightly, about 1/8" and press agains your armpit. If it feels cold, wait 2-3 seconds for it to get warmed up by your body heat. If it does not feel cold proceed to swipe up/down 2-4 times in total. Do Not over apply. You should be all set for the duration of a working day. You may want to reapply again after 8-10 hours.

0.65oz/20gr twist-up container.

itWorks! (tm) 100% Natural Deodorant

  • FIR FOREST: Top note of Douglas Fir (smells like a Christmas Tree!!), embedded in a blend of warm and classy sandalwood, spicy cedarwood and lemon, and undertones of patchouli and coconut. A long-lasting formula suitable for men and women. BOUQUET: Long-lasting blend, features top notes of delicate white flowers, including rose, neroli, geranium, bee balm, and violet. LEMON VERBENA: The most refreshing and sophisticated single note aroma. Period. A bestseller with good reason. Since Verbena can be sun sensitizing and we don't use it in creams and lotions, this is a great way to enjoy its benefits and aroma. MEN'S CLASSIC: Based on the most popular men's cologne, including petitgrain, rosemary, atlas cedar, calendula and rock rose. It does not smell like petitgrain, but like a complex blend that it is. LAVENDER ROSE: Eponymously named, with a top note of lavender and middle note of Rosa Damascena. It is a subtle scent overlapping with the base blend. SWEET ORANGE VANILLA: Base note of vanilla, middle note a faint neutral blend of protective oils, and top note of Sweet Orange -- uplifting, it smells like a fine dessert. Mild enough for children. MYSTIC MANDARIN: Also a citrus blend, but with more punch and spice. There is Neroli and Bergamot in the base, Tangerine and May Chang as the top note. Really stimulating, suitable for men and women. May Chang has additional benefits of strong anti-microbial and cooling properties. WARM SPICE: This is a wonderful blend of cinnamon, clove, orange and other warm aromas that remind you of fall harvest or winter holidays. All the essential oils also have strong deodorizing properties. ROSE GERANIUM: Beautiful blend harnesses all the best of Geranium, without excessive and heady floral overtones. Revitalizing, detoxifying, and regenerative with astringent and anti-Candida properties. MILD MANNERED:Essentially unscented. Great if you don't require heavy odor control or plan to reapply or boost with SprayOn deodorant.