No, this is not a trick, nor an oxymoron.

We've tested it, incorporating latest research, and are pleased to present a natural solution for heavy perspiration.

This listing is for a trial-size natural antiperspirant (Net Wt 0.65oz/20gr). Many people find that using our regular deodorant takes care of their sweating and odor (sweating is generally reduced a few weeks after switching away from chemical antiperspirant formulas). For a few out there, extra punch is needed.

itWorks(tm) Antiperspirant --trial size

  • FIR FOREST: Top note of Douglas Fir (smells like a Christmas Tree), embedded in a blend of warm and classy sandalwood, spicy cedarwood and lemon, and undertones of patchouli and coconut. A long-lasting formula suitable for men and women. BOUQUET: Long-lasting blend, this combination features top notes of delicate white flowers, including rose, neroli, geranium, bee balm, and violet. LEMON VERBENA: The most refreshing and sophisticated single note aroma. Period. A bestseller with good reason. Since Verbena can be sun sensitizing and we don't use it in creams and lotions, this is a great way to enjoy its benefits and aroma. MEN'S CLASSIC: This formula is based on the most popular men's cologne, including petitgrain, rosemary, atlas cedar, calendula and rock rose. It does not smell like petitgrain, but like a complex blend that it is. MYSTIC MANDARIN: Is likewise a citrus blend, but with more punch and spice than Sweet Orange Vanilla. There is Neroli and Bergamot in the base, Tangerine and May Chang as the top note. Really stimulating, suitable for men and women. May Chang has additional benefits of strong anti-microbial and cooling properties. WARM SPICE: A wonderful blend of cinnamon, clove, orange and other warm aromas that remind you of fall harvest or winter holidays. As a side benefit, all have a strong deodorizing property.