A complete luxurious facial and a wonderful and thoughtful gift for any woman, young or old.

The facial soap comes in a beautiful, reusable travel bag made of pure unbleached cotton muslin. The entire gift can be packaged in an elegant white (or pink) lace box for gift giving -- please specify at checkout if you desire the box as it affects the size of the parcel and shipping.

Comprises 2 oz each:

1. Organic Strawberry & Cream Facial Mask (see separate listing for details):

2. Strawberry Mask Activator and Face Toner 

Check out a review of this fabulous toner here:


3. Large Facial Clay Soap Bar, made with organic oils and butters (no Palm Oil!!), organic milk, sea salt, and purifying pink clay. Used in the morning shower, it will gently remove impurities and act as a quick facial in and of itself (approx. 2.5-3 oz by weight). It glides on smoothly and leaves your face fresh without drying it out (no pulling sensation!)


We recommend you use Organic Bliss Cream or Organic Rose Face Cream in the morning
and primarily toner at night so as to allow your skin to breathe at night. The toner also makes a fabulous cleanser of make-up free skin.

YOU MAY REQUEST MASK or TONER substitution from our extensive offering!


Luxurious Complete Facial

  • TO USE MASK: Scoop about a teaspoon of dry mask with the enclosed spoon into a palm of one hand. Spray the dry ingredients with the toner until it makes a thin past that can be spread onto face and neck. You can also mix up one teaspoon of honey with this or any other mask prior to adding the liquid. Spread it thinly and leave on for 15-30 minutes. Rinse out with warm water avoiding the eye area. Enjoy the smooth, rejuvenated skin!