Here is a bare naked cream, rich like a home-whipped mayo.  Choose from a manly aroma that features juniper, lavender, and rosemary or a family favorite Sweet Orange Vanilla.  You may also request it without essential oils.


Organic Body Mayo

Choose Scent
  • In addition to the usual additives and chemicals that are entirely absent from all bodyBrana products, this cream has no emulsifier either. To obtain the right consistency, it has to be mixed very precisely and for a very long time. Cocoa butter and all the oils (coconut, grape seed, olive) are all ORGANIC, so it has all the nourishment of the other bodyBrana moisturizers, but it is more economical because it uses some distilled water in addition to Organic Aloe Vera and Rose Geranium Hydrosol (water can't be classified as organic). This is primarily a hand and body cream and it is mild enough to use on a baby (after a bath). It is only preserved with rosemary and fermented radish root extracts. Please use within 3 months. 2oz jar.

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