Organic Comfrey Hand and Body Cream with Star Flower, Calendula and Marshmallow

Our new favorite cream at a special introductory price!
You will not find this formula anywhere else.

Relieves itching instantly. Our client Melia says it best:

"Best pregnancy cream I have used on my growing belly! It smells wonderful and I use it after my oat and milk bath. It's the perfect combination. This will be a staple for me, I'm hooked on all products!"

Leaves skin supple and soft for a whole day! If you are an adult, it will act like a skin lift for your hands, visibly improving texture and appearance, rejuvenating your hands to their youthful selves. The Wonder Cream dramatically hydrates regardless of climate. Our testers also report a visible fading of dark (age) spots on their skin.

Safe for babies, diapers area, body eczema patches.

It may be used as a facial cream by people whose facial pores tolerate cocoa butter well.
Helpful in relieving irritation and redness caused by exposure to harsh weather or certain skin conditions such as general skin rash.
Helpful in treating skin itching, particularly psoriasis and seborrhea.
Soothing effect on individuals with sensitive skin.
Assists in relieving itching due to eczema eruptions.
Helpful in treating topical concerns in infants, such as diaper rash.

Organic Comfrey Hand and Body Cream

  • About the ingredients: 1.ORGANIC COMFREY is a natural source of allantoin that provides unparalleled structural supports to skin cells and aids in regeneration. Allantoin also aids with wound, scar, and burn healing. Our cream does NOT use synthetic allantoin, but reaps benefits from organic comfrey hydrosol, organic comfrey extract (in organic glycerin), and organic infused comfrey (in organic olive oil). 2. Benefits of ORGANIC CALENDULA are well known. Here we use organic calendula hydrosol, organic calendula extract, and organic calendula infused in organic sunflower oil. "According to ESCOP, calendula (flower) is recommended for the local treatment of skin and mucosae inflammation, as a co-adjuvant in wound-healing processes and to treat contusions and skin burns." 3. ORGANIC STAR FLOWER (Borage) is the richest source of Gamma Linoleic Acid (24% rich!!) and is simply a wonderful oil. It is used for treating children's eczema as well as for maturing skin. It is used here in high concentration (10%). 4.ORGANIC MARSHMALLOW infused high oleic sunflower oil has fantastic anti-inflammatory property and helps retain moisturizing levels in the skin by maintaining the hyaluronic acid levels. (say bye-bye to synthetic hyaluronic acid!) 5. ORGANIC COCOA butter is a wonderful emollient that penetrates deep into the skin and seals the moisture in. 6. High concentration of Beta Glucans in the OAT EXTRACT (Avena Sativa) has the following benefits: Reduces sunburn cell formation upon skin exposure to UVA radiation. Revitalizes and rejuvenates. Repairs the epidermal skin barrier. Inhibits free radical formation associated with photo- aging of the skin. Stimulates collagen growth as an aid to wrinkle reduction. Anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, humectant antioxidant properties.