Emollient, economical, and aromatic soap for all types of skin.

It arrives in a sleek, tall 8 oz (240ml)  foamer bottle that looks as great as it is useful. The aroma is sweet orange, but can be requested unscented.

We use pure and organic olive and coconut oils, and add yucca hydrosol and organic aloe vera juice to complete this fantastic blend.

Picture 2 shows the Liquid soap alongside our liquid black soap, which is sold  separately.
Picture 3 illustrates the size of the foamer bottle next to our large deodorant tube.

The foaming top dispenses just the right amount and makes washing children's hands a breeze!

No soap spilling or missed spots! Simply spread to foam around and rinse.

Organic Liquid Soap palm-oil free

  • Ingredients: Organic saponified oils of olive and coconut, water, yucca hydrosol, organic aloe vera juice, Organic essential oil of Sweet Orange, Fermented Radish Root