Amazing cream made with the best organic ingredients, imbued with a delicate Rose Otto scent & rich texture. It is FREE OF ALL KNOWN TOXINS and irritants, even some customarily used in other natural skin care products!

2 oz/60 gram glass jar.

Raw Shea Butter softens and gently moisturizes the skin.

Antioxidant power of organic Rice Bran oil comes from y-oryzanol, tocopherol, and other phytosterols that boast anti-inflamatory properties as well. Rice bran oil is also rich in minerals, CoQ10 and other enzymes.

Organic Evening Primrose has one of the highest concentrations of GLA (from the omega-6 family) and is used for anything from sagging, dry skin to acne and wrinkles. It is often recommended internally and the oil in this cream is of the same food grade type.

Organic Borage oil is also rich in GLA (24% rich!!) and is used for treating children's eczema as well as for maturing skin. It is simply a wonderful oil.

Rose hydrosol, rose infused sweet almond oil, and rose otto essential oil -- need we say more?

There is no water in this cream; rather the rose distillate (hydrosol) with Organic Aloe Vera and vegetable Glycerin add more skin loving to an otherwise amazing formula.

This cream is preserved only with Rosemary extract and fermented Radish root. Olive emulsion is EcoCert approved for organic products. There is no Phenoxyethanol, nor other questionable "paraben free" preservatives. There is no "vegetable" emulsifying wax, which is neither natural, nor vegetable.

The texture is light to touch, but spreads richly and a little bit is all that is needed. There are no harsh ingredients of any kind used (including essential or other oils).

Since the Rose Cream cream has no water (60-80% of most lotions!!), nor fillers of any kind, it is very rich. It is, however not greasy due to the types of moisturizers contained within.

It will absorb quickly so you can use it at night without rubbing it off onto your pillow!
A Rose is a rose...

Organic Rose Face Cream

  • Here is some of our customer feedback: "Very rich smells so awesome moves on the skin so beautifully. Gorgeous product!!!!" "Wow I love this face cream. My pores are smaller and my skin tone is more even. It is a rich cream but it still soaks in. I'm in my 20s and plan to use this cream as long as its offered. I feel it will help me age gracefully!" "The best cream on the market. Can't live without it!! Thank you!!! Keep making this great product!!!!" I love the cream[Bliss Cream] it soaks in well. I use this as a daytime cream and the rose face cream for nighttime. My skin looks awesome!" "I love body Brana!! I have used high end products for many years. I do not have wrinkles on on my face but my pores were larger than I wanted them to be. I just am not one to buy astringent and all the products. The body Brana face cream worked after two days I saw a reduction in the pores on my face and a smoothness I wasn't seeing before. Love it!!!!"