A wonderful collection of organic cleansers!  Use them in the shower or as part of a separate skincare routine.

The creamy white soap is unscented, but bears the characteristic aroma of raw cocoa butter and Organic Valley organic milk. It is a truly mild and supremely moisturizing soap suitable for babies and other delicate or irritated skin.

The pink soap derives its color from the addition of pink clay, which gives this bar fantastic facial cleaning properties. It will not dry or pull the skin and will act as mild facial mask and exfoliator. It is super-fatted with raw shea butter and contains organic milk. Great for removing stubborn make up and other impurities. The pink clay bar is mildly scented with pure rose essential oil!

The sage blue clay bar features precious blue Cambrian Clay and blue Azulene derived from Chamomile. It is lightly scented with Chamomile essential oil. This bar is fantastic for adults and children and is great for irritated skin, such as eczema or (diaper) rashes.

Organic Soap and Facial Clay Bars

  • Ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils of Coconut, Palm, Safflower; vegetable kosher glycerine; organic milk (Organic Valley); organic shea and/or cocoa butter, pink clay and/or white clay; pink salt; or blue Cambrian clay and Azulene; Essential oils (Rose or Chamomile)