Not your ordinary bath salts. 

Glycerin enriched, with organic castile soap, this blend can be used as a body scrub or dissolved under running water. Organic sugar is used in relatively small proportion to salts and should not pose problems to most drains.

(Sugar scrubs, in combination with oils, can harden to clog drains)

Net Wt 10oz/300 gr.

Sore Be Gone Bath Salts

  • Everyone can relax with the Lavender Blend. Headache blend uses the same essential oils as our AromaBalm for migraines. It smells sweet due to the presence of Sweet Marjoram and Chamomile essential oils. SleepEasy is a sophisticated blend that includes Spikenard, Vetiver & Bergamot. BreathEasy is an invigorating blend for the cold season with a strong lemony top note. SoreBeGone for sore and aching muscles contains Wintergreen essential oil and should NOT be use by people allergic to Aspirin! PLEASE NOTE: The net shipping weight of this 8 oz jar (by volume) of bath salts is actually closer to 12 oz.