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We want you to LOVE and enjoy our products!


If there is some unforeseen issue with our product, please contact us and we will do everything to make it right.


After you have opened and used some portion of the product it can not be used by anyone else. Please ask any and all questions before placing an order. There is a variety of trial sizes in our store, if you are not entirely sure about your choices. We frequently supply custom orders and encourage you to contact us with ideas and requests.


Everything is carefully packed. We abhor waste, so we reuse and recycle packaging materials whenever possible. For the safety of your package in transit we ship many items in recyclable plastic containers. Glass and aluminum containers are similarly recyclable. While our products arrive in aestheticaly pleasing containers, there are no superfluous external boxes or other packaging that simply look pretty, but only add to waste and cost.


We do care about recycling and are willing to go an extra mile; we even upcycle used containers for family use and testing. BodyBrana is eco-sensitive even when it is inconvenient and unprofitable. While we are working on even better packing options (that can accommodate serious use of essential oils), we are trying to lessen the impact: if you wish to return your empty rinsed out containers, we will credit you $1 per container, plus an additional $1 towards your next order!



Proudly made in Michigan.




Your order is essentially made-to-order. Everything is made fresh, in small batches, and frequently personalized to your specific requests. We hope you will use up bodyBrana products well before they reach the end of their useful life. Please don't let them languish on a shelf somewhere! Fresh, raw, and living ingredients without commercial preservatives generally need to be used within 6 months. Refrigeration prolongs the life of water-based ingredients. Many of our formulas (including deodorants, bath salts, and whipped butters) can last much longer, but the aroma of essential oils will dissipate with time.


If you have a particular need for a treatment, ingredient, aroma, or something else we can accommodate, please let us know! We look forward to custom orders and handle them frequently.


Gifts are beautifully assembled and items can also be gift wrapped with your personal message included.  There is a nominal charge of $5 for this service, primarily due to higher shipping costs of gift boxes that are larger.


Shipping depends on the time needed to cure your made-to-order item, but is generally within 2-3 days of placing an order. We ship anywhere and combine items into most cost-efficient parcels.


If you are as ecologically minded like we are, please consider shipping things in batches, rather than individually, whenever possible.


We primarily ship via USPS First Class Mail for smaller parcels and international parcels, and Priority Mail shipping for larger orders within the continental United States. If we ship via UPS of FEDEX, you will be provided with this information once your package is on its way. For other shipping preferences, such as insurance, or express delivery, please contact us before placing an order.



Sales tax of 6% is only added to orders in the state of MICHIGAN. We accept PAYPAL and credit card orders. Local orders with arranged pick up can also use cash, check, or money order.


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